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When it comes to personal injury law, cases usually hinge on the concept of negligence or carelessness and involves the world’s assumption that you're doing your part to uphold a standard of safety. On the road, any number of accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, or bicycles because someone wasn't abiding by traffic laws.

When these traffic laws get broken, people can get hurt or killed — especially when heavy machinery is involved. For these reasons, we also need to make sure you deal with car insurance companies effectively enough to avoid bad faith situations in which adequate coverage isn't provided for ludicrous reasons.

In these cases, here are a few of the most important items to submit to me, your personal injury lawyer:

  • Driver's License, insurance, and your vehicle information
  • Accident details, including date, time, and location
  • Relevant information about other drivers, vehicles, and passengers
  • Names and contact information of witnesses
  • Copies of filed accident or incident reports, as well as copies of any traffic tickets written at the scene
  • Any medical records or physical reports, including x-rays and test results, related to the accident
  • Information about your pre-existing conditions, which may have been exacerbated by the accident
  • Expense records for any ongoing medications or treatment resulting from the accident
  • Records of any other expenses, such as transportation costs, due to the accident
  • Documentation of lost days, hours and wages
  • Copies of all correspondence with insurance companies

In order to keep these items in order, it might be best to put them all together in a folder or journal. If you're in the right, and you can provide all the above items, your case should be in good shape.

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Texas Personal Injury Laws

Here in Texas, you'll need to keep in mind the time limit to file your lawsuit (two years from the date of the injury), as well as our state's shared fault rules — and it's nice to know that there's no cap on any damages you may receive unless your personal injury is related to medical malpractice.

Most important of these is Texas' shared fault rule. Imagine you are rear-ended when you are about to turn, but one of your rear lights isn't working at the time of the accident and injury. In this case, the jury could decide that you are 20% responsible for your injury. Any damages you receive will proportionally reflect that number.

At this point you probably have questions and there's a lot I still need to tell you in person, so go ahead and schedule a consultation. I'm ready to work hard on your behalf.

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When it comes to maintaining safety on the road, traffic laws are in place for a good reason. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a negligent or careless driver, seek out my advocacy in San Antonio today. Personal Injury cases such as these also require close attention to what your auto insurance company deems necessary coverage, so schedule a consultation and we’ll find the right solution for you.